Winterfest Creative Teams

Winterfest 2021 features a set of arts and design-focused signature events that invite your participation, both individually and through creative teams. Creative teams are groups of 3 to 5 students, who bring their originality and collaborative spirit to the design and construction of projects and proposals, both in virtual and physical space, over the course of Winter Quarter. These projects include Light & Sound Fantastic, Spring Forward, BrowserFest, Chicago Futures Design Challenge, and Puzzle Hunt.

As we enter a new quarter, the College invites you to think about your team composition, name, manager or contact person, and the event(s) for which you will register. Creative teams that wish to meet in-person should consist of “friend circles” formed for this purpose, since these small groups of friends can interact – following university guidelines – in the physical proximity that enables full participation in signature events. You can find a complete description and list of practices for the Winterfest Friend Circle Pilot here.

You may form creative teams in one of three ways:

  • Teams that collaborate in virtual format only may be drawn from any 5 students in the College, including those studying remotely. For events with a material design element, these teams may task one member with picking up materials and executing a design.
  • Teams formed exclusively from students living off-campus.
  • Teams formed from students living in campus housing. While teams can be formed across residence halls, members may not enter a residence hall in which they do not live. Teams formed within a shared residence hall may have the opportunity to conduct design and modeling work in spaces within that residence hall. More information will be available later in January.

For teams in the latter two categories who plan to meet in person, the College has designated a limited number of work spaces across campus for use by reservation. To use these spaces, all members of any given team must:

  • Follow applicable guidelines for friend circles.
  • Use the provided cleaning cart to clean up the on-campus site after completing each session, including wiping down furniture and equipment and restoring furniture to its original layout.

Teams that abide strictly by Winterfest Friend Circle Pilot guidelines will be able to collaborate in the construction of material projects in proximate distance and share equipment when convening for working sessions. Team members must remain masked and sanitize their hands frequently.

The registration period for team events will begin at the start of the Winter Quarter and remain open until the start date of each event, respectively.

Register your team using the form below.

The College will contact your team manager to arrange for distribution of project materials.